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SoundBrewer :: Customer Feedback and Comments

Customer Feedback and Comments

It is important for everyone at SoundBrewer to know that we have met your standards for excellence and professionalism. We are continually striving for new ways to improve the quality of service and offer you an even greater value. Many of our customers have written to tell us why they trust for their samples. Here are a few recent comments we have received:

Having purchased several other SoundFont disks from other sources, I was somewhat skeptical, but still hopeful...I must tell you how impressed I am with the Acoustic Guitar Creation Kit. I'm a pianist/songwriter, with a minimal guitar skills, but a through understanding of the guitar's I've performed, and produced sessions with many guitar players. This disk has allowed me to produce perhaps the BEST simulations of guitar performance to date... I've since ordered the Electric Guitar Creation Kit, and plan on quite a few more, including the D50, Ambience, etc.... many thanks!

David Zwisohn
New Jersey

Wow!!! I purchased the Korg M1 Vol 1 and 2. I sold my M1 9 years ago to buy an Ensoniq TS12. I can't get over the quality of the sounds. It's just like having my old keyboard again, but without the inconvenience of the space it took up. I also had a Roland D50 a long time ago and purchased those samples from you a couple of months ago and they are just fantastic (identical). It’s like having all my old gear again.

P.S. How soon will you have the Yamaha DX7 Sounds. Can't wait.

Nestor Pena

I loved acoustic chords I bought last month, only problem is my guitar is getting dusty from sitting now. Thanks for great sounds at great prices!

John Pfister

I am very impressed with the matrix 6 library Vol.1. I am a former owner of a Matrix 6 so it was like playing on that keyboard again. I definitely look into your other libraries as well.

Andrew Hutnick

Hello, I just wanted to say thanks again for the sample CD's. They sound excellent!!! Your customer service is fast, incredible, and patient. Your response time is far better than what I have deal with in the past. Your prices were excellent for the great quality of work. I just can't say enough about how fast the shipping is. All in all, keep up the good work. I will be looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

Ron Zdrojewski

You do a great job! These samples are top notch! Right up there with those several hundred dollar sample discs. It is so nice to see someone who takes pride in their work and is more concerned in making a quality product instead of just making money. Like the house builders of a hundred years ago (and more). Now we all live in pre-fab, stick houses. No pride, just profit driven. Thanks again!

These are extremely well done! Hat's off to you!

Robert Bennett

Holy Cow !!

I just heard your hammer dulcimer…unreal.

Gotta' tell you, your gear and mic technique is really first-rate. I've been a hi-level recording engineer for almost 30 years, and the sound you get knocks me out. Any chance you'd tell me what recording chain you used? Sounds like 1" DPA omnis on the dulcimer, if I were guessing.

Allan Speers
New York


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