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SoundBrewer :: Copyright Information


Please keep the receipt of your purchase from SoundBrewer. It is your proof of purchase and license to use the sounds. also maintains records of every purchase bought directly from us.

Purchase Information

When you purchase soundware from SoundBrewer (or any other soundware company) you are NOT obtaining ownership of the sounds - you are purchasing a license to use the sounds in your musical compositions, whether or not your compositions are released commercially. SoundBrewer will always maintain the ownership of the sounds.

How You Can Use the Sounds

You, and only you the purchaser, may use the sounds, royalty free, in your own live or recorded musical performance. You may release such compositions commercially without payment of any further fees or royalties to SoundBrewer.

Some examples of uses:

1. You are the original purchaser of a sound from SoundBrewer. You create a music bed for a commercial and are paid $500 for your music. You do not need to pay SoundBrewer any type of royalty because you have already purchased a license for commercial use.

2. You are the original purchaser of a sound from SoundBrewer. You release some songs in MP3 format, and you sell thousands of songs, you collect all of the royalties and do not have to pay anything to SoundBrewer, because you have already purchased a license.

What You Can Not Do.

1. You cannot use the sounds in isolation (not within musical composition) as part of a commercially released project - for instance you cannot use the sounds to make another sample CD, or "library music" sound file album, loop CD, or multimedia sound library CD-ROM.

2. You cannot sell the sounds from SoundBrewer. You do not purchase the sounds, you purchase a license to use the sounds. This license is non transferable. This means that you cannot sell or give the sounds to anyone else. In addition to being a criminal offense, all use of unlicensed sounds will be subject to royalty payments to SoundBrewer for use of our sounds.

Please read the FAQ for further details

License Agreement


Anti Piracy Information

SoundBrewer's anti piracy information


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