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SoundBrewer :: Anti Piracy


What is Piracy?

Piracy is the unauthorized copying, distribution or use of SoundBrewer sounds.

For example:
1. Using sounds that are licensed to another user.
2. Exchanging, distributing, sounds with others.
3. Selling a sound.
4. Providing or obtaining illegal copies of our sounds on the internet.

In the fight against piracy many soundware companies have stopped producing sample CD's. They have moved to only producing plugins that contain sounds, so that they can implement copy protection measures. This not only makes sounds harder to use, but companies also must devote resources to anti-piracy technology. This ultimately slows down the development of sounds, and keeps prices higher. Reporting piracy helps keep prices low, and keeps out intrusive anti piracy measures which hurt honest customers most of all.

SoundBrewer License Agreement

SoundBrewer soundware is different from most other purchases. An end-user purchases only the rights to use the sounds, not the sounds themselves.

Sounds are governed by the license agreement. Transactions to license or transfer the sounds are restricted to SoundBrewer or our authorized resellers. Licensees (end-users) may not copy, exchange, distribute, sell or transfer the sounds.

Anti-Piracy Activities

SoundBrewer conducts activities to combat piracy including:

1. Education of current and future customers about our license agreement and our intellectual property rights.
2. The shutting down of illegal Internet sites (including auctions).
3. Collaborating with organizations worldwide to identify, gather evidence and prosecute pirates.

A company/individual found guilty of piracy risks having to pay fines, damages for illegal use, costs for destruction of the software, and going to prison.

Report Piracy

If you have any questions, or if you are aware of an auction, posting or web site dealing with unauthorized SoundBrewer products please report it.


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Copyright Information

SoundBrewer copyright information.




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