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SoundBrewer :: Sampler Formats of SoundBrewer sounds

SamplerFORMATS provides sounds in a variety of sample formats. Please note that not all sounds are available in all formats.

• GigaStudio and GigaSampler format
• Native Instruments Kontakt 2 format
• WAV format
• SoundFont format

GigaStudio / GigaSampler

The Nemesys GigaStudio took the music industry by storm, proclaiming - no more looping - since its sampler software played endless waves (technology developed and licensed from Rockwell) directly from disk. Since disk space is (sort of) infinite, the idea was that no looping is necessary since memory did not have to be conserved. Even so, GigaStudio does provide looping. GigaStudio uses the DOS disk format, since it is a Windows computer program.

Nemesys has been bought by Tascam and has continually upgraded the program. GigaStudio is one of the most powerful software sampling systems on the market today. The format has grown to be supported by a large number of software samplers. Click here to visit the Tascam GigaStudio web site.

Native Instruments Kontakt 2

KONTAKT 2 embodies the future of sampling. No other software or hardware sampler offers such a comprehensive set of features, so much flexibility and performance. KONTAKT 2 incorporates five different sampler modes, ranging from classic sample playback to real-time pitch shifting, time-stretching and precise drum loop slicing. Ingenious mapping, group and loop editors as well as over 30 filters and effects including Convolution Effects pave the way for fantastic sounds. And the vast modulation section lets you add constant variations.


A WAV file is also called a RIFF file (Resource Interchange File Format). The specification comes from Microsoft, to work on their Windows platforms. The WAV file is functionally identical to an AIFF file (Audio Interchange File Format). The WAV discs and downloads contain all the same samples found in the other sampler formats; they are just not key-mapped for any specific sampler.

SoundFont Banks

A SoundFont (.sf2 file) is self-contained, carrying all the parameters and .wav files it needs. No pointers are used to external files. Creative Labs SoundFonts were originally created for users of the Creative Labs soundcards with the Vienna SoundFont editor/player. However they are now supported by a large number of third party software samplers.



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