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SoundBrewer :: Drums & Percussion :: The Rhythm Section :: Drums & Bass Guitars

The Rhythm Section :: Drums & Bass Guitars

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The Rhythm Section :: Drums & Bass Guitars

Available in GigaStudio or SoundFont format

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Description Mp3 Demo Phrases MP3 Downloads Below

The Rhythm Section contains a diverse mix of drum kits and bass guitars. It will give your tracks the rhythm punch and feel that you expect from a drum kit or bass guitar. The Rhythm Section utilizes modern sampling techniques, clean recordings, and extensive multi-sampling to capture the sound of the original instruments. From soft and mellow bass sounds to the decay of the cymbals you will be able to sequence realistic and bass guitar and drum tracks.

Bass Guitars

Bass guitars must be recorded cleanly so they produce a low end thump, and higher harmonics so they can be heard through a dense mix. The bass recordings on The Rhythm Section have been recorded so they sound great soloed or in a dense mix. Included are:

• Bassman Bass - The classic Bassman tone. It is round and clear with a crisp top end that is perfect for a light pop to a hard rock song.
• Chorus Bass -
A clean stereo recording of a bass guitar with a chorus effect.
• Clean Bass -
A sharp sounding bass recorded without any amp distortion.
• King Bass -
Played with fingers, contains two velocity layers, has a tone from mellow to overdriven.
• Overdriven Bass -
Recorded with the amp clipping in overdrive. This is one of the most useful bass tones.
• Slap and Pop Bass -
The lower notes are slaps and the higher are pops.
• SVT Bass -
Classic rock tone, through a 1176LN for more attack.

Drum Kits

Drums are the foundation of modern music. It is vitally important to have a solid drum kit sound. Unfortunately, it is hard to find realistic drum samples. Sample CD's often sound "fake" because the recording techniques used are completely different from techniques used in commercial recordings. However, The Rhythm Section drum kits are recorded in the same manner as drums for commercial music. Each drum was individually miked, and there were two overhead microphones to capture the overall feel of the kit. You hear the entire kit, not just a single drum.

The Drum Kits include multi-velocity layers on the drums and cymbals. They have up to five different drum recordings for different velocities. The drums also include left and right hand stick hits for the snare, cymbals, and the kick drums (on the Rock-Metal Kit). Included are:

Included are:
• Ballad Kit - A drum kit with a fair amount of reverb, a sound that fits well on slow pop, and rock songs.
• Pop Kit -
A modern sounding kit with a bright snare and ringing toms. It is very versatile and fits well on most modern music.
• Rock-Metal Kit -
Has a darker snare with a quick splash of reverb and toms with less ring.
• Hot Rods Kit -
Played with Hot Rods® drum sticks. These are sticks made up of many smaller rods that give the drums more of an 'unplugged' sound.

Demo Phrases MP3 Demo Phrases
Click the links below to hear mp3 demos of these sounds. These demo mp3's were created using only samples from the The Rhythm Section :: Drums & Bass Guitars sample collection.

King Bass with Drums (700kb)
Slap and Pop Bass with Drums (656kb)
Bassman with Drums (626kb)
Drum Solo (624kb)

Download the Manual
The complete manual is available in .pdf format.

Download the Manual The Rhythm Section :: Drums & Bass Guitars Manual

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