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SoundBrewer :: SFZ Sample Player Tutorial :: How to load SoundFonts

How to load SoundFonts (.sf2) in rgc:audio's SFZ sample player
The SFZ sample player is a free download. You can download it here

1. If you have purchased Instantly Downloaded sounds from SoundBrewer you will want to first unzip the files and copy them to your hard drive. (We suggest you create a directory like “c:\SoundBrewer Samples”, although you can create any directory, or unzip the files to your desktop.)

If you have purchased a sample disc you can load the sounds directly off the disc, or copy them to your hard drive.

2. Open the sfz sample player and double click the box to the FILE box.

3. This will open an explore window. Go to the file that you want to load, select it, and press OK.

4. This will load the sample. You can use the 'PROGRAM' option to select different sounds contained in the SoundFont. You can also change the QUALITY, load EFFECTS, etc.

To purchase Sample CD's or instantly download samples of guitars, drums, synths, and ethnic instruments for Vsampler visit the SoundBrewer online store.



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