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Electric & Acousic Guitar Creation Kit available in NI Kontaktฎ format The Electric Guitar Creation Kit, and the Acoustic Guitar Creation Kit ar...

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SoundBrewer :: Guitar & Bass :: Electric Guitar Creation Kit

Electric Guitar Creation Kit

Mp3 Demo PhrasesMP3 Downloads Below

Electric Guitar Creation Kit

Available in GigaStudio, Kontakt, or SoundFont format

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Description Mp3 Demo Phrases MP3 Downloads Below

The Electric Guitar Creation Kit, from SoundBrewer, provides the samples necessary to sequence electric guitars with incredible realism. All of the guitars and amps were carefully recorded to capture the authentic tones and characteristics of the equipment. The Electric Guitar Creation Kit has been designed using the same tested studio techniques used on commercial CD's. When you use these samples, it is like having a room full of guitars and amps, and a live musician in a studio to play them.

Electric Guitar Creation KitIt is impossible to sample harmonic rich instruments like electric guitars in the traditional (and typical) way. This is why the Electric Guitar Creation Kit contains many fully multi-sampled distorted and clean guitars. What this means is that there is a different recording for every different note of the guitar. There is no pitch shifting involved, just the pure tones. We also used longer recordings, and minimal looping, to keep the natural sustain, and character the guitars. There are over 1,000 individual recordings on this sample disc to provide the most realistic sounding guitars possible.

The Electric Guitar Creation Kit includes a diverse mix of classic and modern tones. There are clean guitars and distorted guitars. The guitar are divided into two categories, Distorted Guitars and Specialty Guitars.


• Distorted Picked - a fully multi-sampled, double tracked distorted electric guitar
• Distorted Palm Mutes - a fully multi-sampled, double tracked palm muted electric guitar
• Distorted Power Chords - fully multi-sampled, double tracked root+5 power cords
• Distorted Harmonics - harmonics performed on a distorted electric guitar
• Distorted String Noises and Mutes - a lot of little scrapes, string noise, slides, etc.

• Supra Clean - a clean guitar tone that is right on the edge of overdrive
• Synth Guitar - a sound similar to that of a bass synth pedal
• Divine Delays - a guitar with an interesting delay pattern that gives it a tremolo type sound
• Clean Amp - a crystal clean guitar tone
• AC 30 Clean - a guitar featuring a classic clean tone
• Acoustic Electric - the doubled sound of an acoustic and a clean electric playing together
• Day Tripper Guitar - a slightly overdriven but clear sound that was popular in the '60's
• Lead Guitar - a high gain guitar tone that is perfect for solos and melody lines

When an electric guitar is recorded in a studio it is almost always double tracked. This is when the same guitar part is performed and recorded twice, then panned to the left and right. The slight differences in the timing and pitch gives you the "thick" guitar sound typical of a professional commercial recording. Unfortunately, most recorded samples of electric guitars contain only one performance...but not the Electric Guitar Creation Kit. All of these guitars are double tracked. This means there are two separate recordings of a guitar, panned to the left and to the right, on each note. You will immediately hear the how this technique provides a sounds far better than traditional guitar sample discs.


Demo Phrases MP3 Demo Phrases
Click the links below to hear mp3 demos of these sounds. These demo mp3's were created using only samples from the Electric Guitar Creation Kit sample collection.

AC 30 Demo (698kb)
Distorted Guitar Riff Demo (392kb)
Supra Clean Demo (482kb)
Power Chord Demo (376kb)
Acoustic Electric Demo (328kb)

Download the Manual
The complete manual is available in .pdf format.

Download the Manual Electric Guitar Creation Kit Manual

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