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SoundBrewer :: Sound Effects SFX :: Ambience 2 :: Digital Darkness

Ambience 2 :: Digital Darkness

Mp3 Demo PhrasesMP3 Downloads Below

Ambience 2 :: Digital Darkness

Available in GigaStudio or SoundFont format

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Description Mp3 Demo Phrases MP3 Downloads Below

Ambience 2 :: Digital Darkness is a collection of multi-layered, multi-textured instruments. It contains a collection of atmospheric, manipulated, and twisted soundscapes unlike any 'traditional' sounds you are familiar with. These instruments are versatile sounds that would be at home in electronic music, a New Age soundscape, orchestral film score, or even as an atmospheric backing to a rock/pop song.

Ambience 2 is a versatile library of samples that will add a distinctive sound to your music productions. This library uses many different synthesis and experimental recordings as its foundation to create its unique sound.

The sounds are divided into five categories. They are:

Voices - airy synthesized voices, and manipulated choirs.
Texture - dark layered ambiences and atmospheres.
Pads - textures and droning sounds.
Bells - ringing pads and ambiences.
Noise - distorted, manipulated noises and effects.

The SoundBrewer Ambience 2 disc contains over 100 different sounds. Some sounds are hard to place in a category, so we recommend that you experiment with all the different sound categories.

arrow Click here to view a complete list of sounds

This is not just a collection of .wav files. This is a collection of multisampled instruments that are key mapped to be playable. With this sample library you are able to create original melodies, songs and scores. These are not pre made loops, they are the raw materials for the creation of original compositions.

Demo Phrases MP3 Demo Phrases
Click the links below to hear mp3 demos of these sounds. These demo mp3's were created using only samples from the Ambience 2 :: Digital Darkness sample collection.

Acoustic Radiation (768kb)
Harp Pad (1.1mb)
Penetrating Emotion (686kb)
Hollow Ringing (790kb)

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