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Electric & Acousic Guitar Creation Kit available in NI Kontakt® format The Electric Guitar Creation Kit, and the Acoustic Guitar Creation Kit ar...

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SoundBrewer :: Guitar & Bass :: Acoustic Guitar Creation Kit

Acoustic Guitar Creation Kit

Mp3 Demo PhrasesMP3 Downloads Below

Acoustic Guitar Creation Kit

Available in GigaStudio, Kontakt, or SoundFont format

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Description Mp3 Demo Phrases MP3 Downloads Below

The acoustic guitar is one of the more difficult instruments to realistically emulate with a sampler. One of the reasons is the lack of quality recordings and the outdated sampling technique used in most sample discs.

This is not one of those discs.

SoundBrewer created a sample disc that uses modern recording techniques, and extensive multi-sampling. The result is what many have said that to be the most realistic sounding acoustic guitar samples they have ever heard.

Everyone struggles while trying to emulate guitar strums with single note samples. It is nearly impossible to make individually recorded strings sound like a strummed guitar. To overcome this, the Acoustic Guitar Creation Kit contains real recordings of Major, Minor, and Major 7th guitar chords. There are separate recordings for up stroke and down stroke, and they are programmed on different keys to be played in a more natural manner. This gives your the ability to create complex, realistic acoustic guitar strums.

The Acoustic Guitar Creation Kit also contains an assortment of regular picked guitars, finger picked guitars, harmonics, and guitar noises (body hits, slides, etc.). Included are:

100mb Acoustic Guitar - An extensively multi-sampled guitar with three velocity layers
50mb Acoustic Guitar - A lighter version with two velocity Layers
Lite Acoustic Guitar - A small guitar that uses very little system resources
Picked Acoustic Guitar Loud -The hard velocity layer from the 100mb Acoustic Guitar
Picked Acoustic Guitar Normal -The medium velocity layer from the 100mb Acoustic Guitar
Picked Acoustic Guitar Quiet - The soft velocity layer from the 100mb Acoustic Guitar
Major Chords - Strummed Major Chords
Minor Chords - Strummed Minor Chords
Major 7th Chords - Strummed Major 7th Chords
Chromatic Bar Chords - Strummed Bar Chords
Finger Picked Guitar - A finger picked guitar with two velocity layers
Finger Picked Acoustic Guitar Loud -The hard velocity layer from the Finger Picked Guitar
Finger Picked Acoustic Guitar Quiet - The soft velocity layer from the Finger Picked Guitar
12 String Guitar Simulation - Simulation of a 12 string acoustic guitar
Harmonics - Acoustic Guitar Harmonics
Guitar Scrapes - Scrapes on the Acoustic Guitar Strings with a pick
Guitar Mutes - Strums across fully muted strings
Guitar Noises - Body Hits, noises, etc.

The Acoustic Guitar Creation Kit is extensively multi-sampled and uses longer recordings before the loops to keep the natural sustain and true character of the guitar. It contains multiple velocity layers to recreate the tonal difference in a loudly and softly played acoustic guitar. It also provides recordings of typical noises found on live recordings. You can add these sounds to eliminate the sterile sound that accompanies most acoustic guitar samples.

The Acoustic Guitar Creation Kit is designed to provide a simple, but great sounding, method to create realistic sounding acoustic guitar parts. It is designed for use with modern software, utilizing the technology and resources that modern software samplers provide.

Demo Phrases MP3 Demo Phrases
Click the links below to hear mp3 demos of these sounds. These demo mp3's were created using only samples from the Acoustic Guitar Creation Kit sample collection.

100mb Acoustic Guitar Demo (345kb)
Chords Demo (600kb)
Minor Chords Demo (473kb)
Finger Picked (416kb)

Download the Manual
The complete manual is available in .pdf format.

Download the Manual Acoustic Guitar Creation Kit Manual

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